The fight against breast cancer: K-Dance Express students perform for a cause

ESCANABA – The students of K-Dance Express will hit the stage for their 15th annual revue, in “Dancing for Breast Cancer.” The audience will be seeing a lot of pink as the students perform routines in jazz, tap, and ballet that will make them feel stronger, want to keep fighting the fight, keep holding on and not give up.

The revue is in honor of all the women and men who are or have battled with breast cancer. Kalisa LaVigne, owner/operator of K-Dance Express got the idea of putting on a dance revue for breast cancer in honor of her special guest who will be attending the revue for the first time in LaVigne’s career. LaVigne’s sister was diagnosed with breast cancer nine years ago at the age of 42.

“The staff and students put a lot of extra time in preparing for their performances,” says LaVigne. “They have realized the importance of taking care of yourself, especially by getting yearly mammograms.”

Kristi Steger a health educator from Public Health, and Star Romps from U.P. Bra’s That Fit will provide information and supplies to help educate and answer questions.

“Most people don’t even worry about it until its too late,” said LaVigne. “The best way to fight is by getting checked.”

The revue will take place Saturday at the Gladstone High School’s Cowen Auditorium, with a 1 and 6 p.m. performance.

On staff at K-Dance Express are LaVigne’s daughters Schlyn, Trisha, and JaynaRae, along with Stacy Simon, Jessica Wiley and Renee Loftquist.

Tickets for the revue are $10 each and are available at K-Dance Express or by calling LaVigne at 233-7313. Remaining tickets will be sold at the door.

Students participating in the upcoming dance revue are listed by class day and time:

Monday 4 p.m. – Adeline Irving, Collin Larson, Caragan Thill and Destiny Walker.

Monday 4:30 – Lexi Double, Cambria Dougherty, Keira Frankovich, Madalynn Leckson, Dixie Morris, Lila Morris, Macy Peterson, Emma Sundling, and Calista Watchorn

Monday 5:15 – Ella Calouette, Katelyn Dekeyser, Ella Evans, Kaitlyn Massengill, Peyton McKeage, and Kayley Saez.

Monday 6:00 – Lillith Evans, Anna Oslund and Brooke Richey.

Tuesday 4:00 – Isabella Belhumer, Thomas Benoit, Jasmyn Bittner, Trinity Busick, Rylie Curtis, Lindsay Meloney, Autumn Nelson, Emma Parlett, and Samantha Simmons.

Tuesday 5:00 – Liliana Benoit, Adrina Busick, Paige Christianson, Kathleen Hickman, Madilynn LaChance, and Sarah Simmons.

Tuesday 6:00 – Morgan Barnhart, Heather Bourdeau, Kelsey Demarse, Paige Fay, Samantha Hickman, Lani Minto, Christina Olson, Kelsey Polequin, Maddilyn Reynolds, Regan Salo, Lindsey Thompson, and Lexi Winling.

Wednesday 4:15 – Timothy Busick, Katelyn Dubord, Alliyah Dupey, Madelyn Lindbert, Joselyn Mills, Hailie Nelson, Allison Spreitzer, and Emma Verbeek.

Wednesday 5:00 – Carly Bowden, Kimberly Cappaert, Saylor Carlson, Maggie Martin, Breanne Oxford, Molly Smale, and Brianna Jones.

Wednesday 5:45 – Brooklyn Beauchamp, Hailee Cloutier, Hattie Farrell, Taylor Klee, Marta LaPlant, Anna Lemerand, Peyton Stromberg, Brianne Taylor, and Nevaeh Wallin.

Wednesday 6:30 – Samantha Born, Samantha Hickman, JaynaRae LaVigne, Schlyn LaVigne, Trisha LaVigne, Renee Lofquist, Jackie O’Driscoll, Kaylee Meshigaud, Stacy Simon, Ellie Tatrow, Jessica Houle, and Breanna Winling.

Wednesday 7:15 – Samantha Born, Mykayla Ettenhofer, JaynaRae LaVigne, Trisha LaVigne, Renee Lofquist, Jackie O’Driscoll, Jessica Houle, and Breanna Winling.

Wednesday 8:00 – Samantha Born, Mykayla Ettenhofer, JaynaRae LaVigne, Ellie Tatrow, Jessica Houle, and Breanna Winling.

Thursday 11:00 – (Dancing Grannies) Kathy Illig, Ellen Arnell-Marcell, Rosemary Ray, Anita Stockham, and Joanne Taylor-Olson.

Thursday 4:15 – Kyra Batchelor, Isabella Busick, Sophie Hill, Jenessa Platt, Mya Bittner, Vayda Bittner, and Kyrsten Young.

Thursday 5:15 – Jadyn Bovin, Madison Cousineau, Megan Dausey, Lucy Deacon, Ericka Hamilton, Abby Hill, Ella Jones, Kerowyn Lancour, Abbie LeVesque, Sarah Nelson, Kenzington Pepin, Cierra Scott, and Lily Witte.

Thursday 6:15 – Jonika Broeders, Jasalynn Hudson, Sisu Lange, Tillie Lange, Angelina Livingston, and Montgomery Pepin.

Thursday 7:00 – (Ladies) Marilyn Dutkavich, Alice Hansen, Sarah Hill, Irene Lenberg, Amanda McDade, Debbie Micheau, Michelle Miller, Caylan Richer, Hildie Saunders, and Stacy Simon.