Government wants people to be dependent


In response to Floyd Orn. It is against the law to feed the wild burros and wild animals as stated in my previous letter. That was not my idea. While I was out there, I fed the burros. I also feed the birds around my house and a couple of stray cats in the area. The federal government instituted the law out west, not me. If there is a drought, is it our responsibility to feed the wild animals? And, Floyd, you missed the point of the letter.

In the five years of Obama, the number of food stamp recipients has more than doubled. The government has spent millions to advertise the food stamp program. They want more and more people dependent on the government. Just the opposite of what they want for the wildlife. Wild animals know how to survive in the wild. If we, humans, feed them, then they will look for us to feed them all the time. It is the same with most people. Most people know what it takes to survive in life. They need to work, either at a job, or on a farm, or whatever. If you give them everything, they quit trying themselves. And, of course there are those who cannot work for whatever reason; physical or mental disabilities. Those people need help. Are you going to tell me that there are 25 million more in that category since Obama took office? I think not.

As far as the statement about dumpsters and garbage cans. Can you show me one person in the Escanaba area who is going hungry today? If so, I will make sure that they get fed today. And the next time I go out west, I will feed the burros.

Tom Grant