Remember When?

Photo courtesy of Frank Schmitt

Frank Schmitt of Rapid River has identified the men who are pictured in an identical photograph submitted by Donald Swanson of the 107th Engineer Battalion C Michigan National Guard 46th Infantry Division from Escanaba taken at Camp Grayling in 1952. The pictured was published May 7 with a request for information. The last names of the men are: from left front, King, Millette, Oslund, Fish, Marenger, Anderson, Frado, Johnson, Stattem, Rossow, Lessard, Schmitt, Llord, and Writt; second row, Kositzky, Ackerly, Pratt, Meiers, Legeault, Larson, Sovey, Erforth, Godfrey, Russell, LeDuc, Simons, Miller, King and Lessard; third row, Jensen, Derocher, LaCrosse, Doucette, McNair, Cotie, Larson, Spaulding, Paquin, Samuelson, Skooglund, Koish, and Peterson; back row, Van Domelon, Mokszycke, Steinmetz, Wurth, Swanson, Sommers, LaBonte, Livermore, Ward, LaFave, Swill, and Anderson.

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