Meth lab investigation continues

HARRIS – Hannahville Tribal Police are cooperating with the FBI in the investigation of a methamphetamine lab found at a residence on the Potawatomie Indian Reservation in Wilson earlier this week.

Components of a meth lab were found near a house fire reported on Casino Lane on Monday evening. Harris Township Fire Department and Hannahville Tribal Police were dispatched to the structure fire on tribal land at around 6 p.m. EST.

No one was home at the time of the blaze and no one was injured while fighting the fire, according to Fire Chief Jeff Yagodzinski. The home suffered major damage and will likely be a total loss, he said.

Because the home is located on tribal land, the FBI is investigating the case with the cooperation of local tribal police, explained Hannahville Police Chief Robin Halfaday on Thursday.

Officials are pursuing the arrests of suspects in connection with the meth lab, Halfaday said, adding, “Yes, we’re looking to get some warrants.”

No other information was available on the case pending the on-going investigation.

Components used to make methamphetamine were removed from the fire scene by members of the Upper Peninsula Substance Enforcement Team (UPSET), the only response team in the Upper Peninsula which can clean up such hazardous materials.

UPSET detectives removed four “one pot” plastic bottles and seven “HCL gas generators” which are used to make meth. The combination of these materials creates hazardous waste, explained UPSET Commander Det. Lt. Tim Sholander.

The hazardous materials were secured and transported to a container facility in Negaunee.