Donkey-burros and the poor


A new depth has been reached by Mr. Tom Grant in his latest letter May 15, 2013, (lesson in self sufficiency). I went back and read four former letters by Mr. Grant, his dislike of the post office, labor unions, gay marriage where he described himself as a Bible Thumper.” One letter expressed great admiration for Mitt Romney, who has his own aversion to poor people and may now have a dislike of the “Democrat Donkey?” Mr. Grant’s latest letter goes beyond anything that would qualify one to retain membership in the human race; as he attempts to make the audacious equivalency of not feeding the feral donkey-burros with food stamp recipients. Mr. Grant shows contempt for these people and anyone who is not well off must have a defective character. This is also political, as he is firing another salvo at President Obama. This country does not lack in quantity of food, but in quality and quantity of jobs!

A brief paragraph about Equus-Africanus-Ainus. A noble and useful animal that humankind domesticated over 5,000 years ago, mainly as a beast of burden. This donkey-burro made it to nearly all the parts of the world, including the Americas. The wild donkey-burros were turned loose and abandoned by their owners when no longer considered useful, and formed the herd that are present today (about 5,500 total). I wonder if the warning signs about not feeding these donkey-burros are more of a concern about public safety as opposed to creating dependency? Donkey-burros can and will bite and can kick with both front and hind legs and are extremely powerful.

Mr. Grant seems somewhat morose as he returned from his western vacation. He seemed to have great concern and anger over people on food stamps and the creation of dependency by donkey-burros, sounds like his trip may have been totally ruined. I would not be surprised while on his trip, Mr. Grant encountered but did not see many of these working poor folks. The people who cleaned the hotel rooms where he stayed, the workers at the restaurants where he dined, the convenience stores where he bought gas and if he shopped at the ubiquitous Great Walmart of China he would have encountered a part of the largest group of the working poor in America. Many of these people work full time and still have “food insecurities.” I understand that the heirs of Sam Walton are struggling also, as they try to scrape by on their collective $120 billion! Bravo Floyd Orn – Concise!

Jim Morrison

Garden Corners