Holidays and gas prices


Memorial Day – picnics, cookouts, camping, hot dogs and burgers on the grill, and $4 gas. The average price in the nation is $3.66 a gallon. Just because it’s Memorial Day, they jack up the price. Oh, I’m sure there are “reasons” behind it. One retailer says that a refinery is “off-line” so expect gas prices to rise. The refinery is off-line because there is no place to put the refined gas. Supplies are up, wholesale prices (crude oil) are down, yet the supply and demand rules don’t apply here. The Iron Mountain Daily News had it right; Gas prices rise, oil prices drop?

Everybody needs gas. We will pay whatever price they put on the pump. The gas companies don’t care. Gouge away!

The grocery stores know that everyone is going to cookout. Hot dogs, hamburgers, buns, beer, pop, etc.

They don’t gouge the consumer at Memorial Day. They put these things on sale during the summer holidays.

Unfortunately, nobody that can actually do anything about it, care enough to do something. Those elected officials need to remember this when it comes time to ask us to vote for them. And, most importantly, we need to remember what these elected officials did to help out – nothing!

Tom Grant