School starting time


Parents of children attending the “U,” you need to take notice. I attended the welcome meeting on Tuesday, May 21 for all parents whose children will be attending the “U,” the upper elementary school, otherwise known as the Jr. High Attention! We were informed that school for these children, at ages 9-13, will start school between 7:30-7:40 in the morning. My concern about this is, during winter it is still dark at that hour. Most of the school year is during winter living in the U.P. I feel very insulted when I am told that this is being done by our school board to save money and for the safety of our children. Saving money maybe but children’s safety, really? I was informed that it was a safety issue having the children wait 30-45 minutes at the school to get the bus. How is a child who is waiting at school in danger? They are in more danger riding the bus with the older kids that will now be on their bus.

What about the safety of all all the children who have to walk to school in the dark? To me that is a safety issue and a big safety issue.

When asked if they were at least going to put out more crossing guards I was told that could be a possibility but was not in the works at this time. As a parent I am appalled that our school board would put such a low value on the lives of our children who walk to school. Not only do we have to worry about cars seeing them in the dark it makes them a much easier target for the pedophiles and other dangerous people. Remember they are only children.

Now I have to give careful consideration to where I will send my child to school. Michigan allows me to have school of choice. I have talked with Bark River and Gladstone, both have buses that would pick up the children. This is not an easy choice for me because I really like the curriculum that the “U” is offering.

I just don’t understand why our school board chose to do this. Apparently the dollar means more than our children and if I understand Principal Martin correctly the children are in more danger waiting after school at the school than walking to the school in the dark. I just don’t understand the logic behind this and I especially don’t like the fact that they are putting our children safety at risk at all. All for what!

As parents we need to contact the school board and let our views on this be known. Would you want your child to walk to school in the dark?

Gail Mouzone