It isn’t about the burros


Mr. Morrison. Once again, you have to resort to calling the letter writer, me, names, instead of debating the facts. Let me give you a few facts;

1. I make less than $10,000 a year. I am not rich.

2. As far as gay “marriage.” I simply asked that it be called something other than marriage. I don’t agree with it, but said in my letter that if the powers that be want it okayed, then call it something else. If you had read my entire letter, you would have known that. Just like if Mr. Orn had read my entire letter, he would have got the point I was trying to make about feeding the wildlife. It wasn’t just the burros.

3. The “Bible Thumper” statement is from your left wing leaders. I’m just using the terms that the left calls us.

4. I have no problem with labor unions, if you want to join them. Don’t force me to join. I should have a choice.

5. The Post Office is top-heavy. Everybody with half a brain knows that! Even you and Floyd can figure that out. What was the latest loss? $2 billion in a three-month period! Really?

6. I admire Mitt Romney. Almost 50 percent of the country admired him enough to vote for him. I do not admire Barack Obama. He doesn’t know anything! He keeps admitting it. The IRS – he didn’t know, Bengazi – he doesn’t know. They are going o get to the bottom of it, though. The AP phone records – he didn’t know, Fast and Furious – he didn’t know, but he executed executive privilege. Really?

My whole point was completely missed, I believe, on purpose, by you guys. It wasn’t about the burros! It isn’t about the poor! It is about the abuse of the system and the over-reaching of the government. You won’t argue the point that we are drowning in debt. But you will call me names. I agree there is no shortage of food, there is a shortage of jobs. What did Obama do the last five years?

And somehow, you seem to blame man for the “plight” of the burros. The “abandoned” burros are doing just fine. It isn’t about the burros.

I am one of your “working poor.” Argue the facts, don’t resort to name-calling and bashing the letter writer. I don’t do it to you!

And, by the way, I fed the burros!

Tom Grant