Government helps people when they need it


So the number of food stamp recipients more than doubled under President Obama. Evidently many, or most of these individuals are qualified to receive them.

Of course there are some people who abuse the system, and don’t deserve them. Should we take them away from everyone because of a few dishonest individuals?

Tom, it seems to me the point of your letter is if we give food stamps to hungry children, their parents, and other needy people it will make them dependent on the government for food all their lives.

I would guess that most of us took advantage of the hot lunch programs when we went to school. Did we continue to depend on, and expect to get a free lunch from the government after we graduated? Maybe some did, but most people go on to lead productive lives partly because of the aid they received from the government when they needed it.

You also say that you believe most people behave the same as animals if they are given food. Maybe you do, but not me. Should the government not provide aid when there is a natural disaster? Should it not build, and repair our highways, or provide a police and military force? The government provides many other services we depend on. Should we give these up because we should be entirely self sufficient? Ridiculous! As for dumpsters, and garbage cans, I was referring to the hungry in the entire country not just our immediate area.

Floyd Orn

Bark River