Young vets needed


Flags flapped in the wind as family and friends of heroes of our wars were honored on Memorial Day.

Missing were veterans, new heroes of more recent conflicts and wars, of a younger age. We need in our veteran organizations, especially local American Legions, veterans to help us honor our comrades and heroes. I fear a day when new veterans of our modern wars have no one to honor them when they are called to the “command in the sky” and family will not see in a symbolic way the gratitude we have for the sacrifices made.

Memorial Day programs and military rites at a funeral may seem small but it is what we “owe” the heroes of the Greatest Generation and the new heroes of this generation deserve the same honor.

Please fellow veterans of the most recent wars and conflicts, join your local veterans group and at least work to show our fellow comrades and heroes we honor them also. It is the least we can do.

Rev. Bill Rafuse

Rapid River