USA becoming known as ‘GAL’


This letter was written to President Obama, Senators Carl Levin and Debbie Stabenow, and Representative Dan Benishek.

Good morning to my elected officials in Washington, D.C.:

My subject this morning is about the USA image in the world and around in the 50 states: Fast becoming known as a “GAL.”

In my opinion, the three letter “GAL” represents “G” for Greed meaning wealth, authority, power and dominance. Just look at all of the dishonest dealings in our financial world by some to influence and attain wealth at the expense of others, disregarding ethics, morals, laws, etc. Look at the USA government still wanting to dominate parts of the world even after winning the Second World War, Korean War, etc., which means maintaining U.S. military in Japan, Germany, South Korea, etc. all while our national debt increases each day and now stands at $16.4 trillion! The U.S. manufacture ships their “blue collar” jobs to China to have their products produced at a lower cost so they can increase their “greedy profits,” while on the other hand our federal government is concerned that such wealth for China is increasing that country ability to increase its military size and potential influence in the Far East, possibly requiring a counter measure on the part of our military size and budget! Need I cite more examples of “Greed”?

“A,” of course, stands for “Arrogance” which, in my opinion, is self-explanatory. It matters little whether one is speaking of the government in Washington D.C. or a state’s capitol. All one has to do is look at the bickering, squabbling and name calling of, and within, our two party political system in which one party wants to do too much for its citizens, while the other party wants to do basically nothing for them.

And of course “L” stands for “Lust.” Just look at the recent events involving “sex” from our recent president William Clinton, to sports star Tiger Woods, and lastly Mark Sanford, former governor of South Carolina, and now we are learning about all of the sexual assaults in our military armed forces. Mostly all driven by the male’s drive for sexual pleasure.

Thus, I believe the term “Gal,” as a nickname, for the USA is fast approaching a logical caption for the USA, whether one likes it or not.

And stay out of Syria!

PS: I forgot under the term “Greed” to include our “health care” system for which we can’t live without, and fast approaching, one that we can’t live with due to their charges. Oh, on the Immigration “Give Away” Bill, without first securing our southern border, we would be classified as a bunch of stupid fools! Repeat of 1986! All under a Republican and Democratic president.

Robert E. Gifford

Rapid River