Legalize marijuana


Drug problems on the rise in the U.P. (June 15-16) Ron Koski blames much of it on legalization of medical marijuana. I believe marijuana should be decriminalized and made legal for everyone. The same laws pertaining to alcohol should apply to marijuana users. If it was legal, and easily available perhaps it would help to cut down on the need to use more dangerous hard drugs such as meth and heroin. Making your own wine is legal in Michigan. Why should growing marijuana for your own use be illegal?

The war on drugs, and if UPSET is part of this war, has not solved very much if any of the problem. Throwing addicts in prison for years and years is a further waste of taxpayers money. A better use of my tax dollars would be to spend it on rehab, and the education of our young children, and teenagers to learn about the dangers of hard drugs, alcohol, medical narcotic pain pills, and nicotine abuse.

Floyd Orn

Bark River