Study group is lending a hand

Courtesy photo

The Town and Country Study Group of MAFCE – Rapid River had a hands-on project this year making tote bags for walkers. The ladies spent the month of March meeting and working on the totes. Discontinued upholstery material was collected by Winnie Budkis of Rapid River and an assembly line was created. A presentation was arranged of one of the totes at North Woods Assisted Living in Escanaba. Judith Gereau, at right, president of Town and Country, contacted Loreen Harris, at left, who is the Meaningful Pursuits coordinator and Shirley Radcliff, seated, along with her husband, received two of the five totes that were donated to the assisted living residence. The Town & Country study group members are involved in many community projects such as Welcome Newborns, Delta County Animal Shelter, spouse abuse and they work with a family in need.