Snowden is a traitor


“Loose Lips Sink Ships.” That was what everyone learned and understood about giving our enemy information that would harm our World War II efforts.

Edward Snowden is not concerned about aiding our enemy that is trying to kill us. He is concerned about our government trying to learn what our enemy is planning.

It is not up to him to decide what should be secret and what should not be secret.

If he doesn’t like what he is privileged to learn with a top secret security clearance, he should address his concerns to the proper authorities, not give out secret information to our enemy.

You can be sure our enemies will be much more careful using telephones and the Internet to plan their attacks on us.

Just imagine how much secret information China and Russia have gleaned from the laptops he is carrying around.

I think Edward Snowden should be caught, tried, convicted and imprisoned for being a traitor.

Derwith Carlson