‘Escanaba, Eh? The View from Upper Inwood’

ESCANABA – Combining a spoof of old-fashioned radio shows with a decidedly skewed look at Escanaba’s first 150 years, “Escanaba, Eh? The View from Upper Inwood” contains some history, some humor, and some music.

“It’s a live radio show,” explained author Kathryn Morski. “It’s based on radio shows of the thirties and forties the Sunshine Rinso Hour and more.”

The show consists of a framework that takes place at the fictional Upper Inwood radio station of WWHA on the shores of Lake WhatchaHatchin’ in beautiful downtown Upper Inwood, and features Ole and Lena, mayor Handy Haakala, Budweiser C Miller and his wife Corona, and a host of others. Within this framework, the Thimbleberry Thespians will present the play “Escanaba, Eh?” which spotlights four different time periods in Escanaba history as seen by citizens of Upper Inwood.

Morski has now written and presented a total of five radio hours.

“It’s usually a lot of fun,” she said. “There’s a lot to love in Escanaba and, of course, it’s easiest to make fun of things you know and love. This year it was a bit harder to write. The trick is to be humorous but not make fun of our historical ancestors here.”

“So Ole and Lena had ancestors who happened onto Escanaba in 1865,” Morski said. “Inez Fernshuffle will talk about the young man who did NOT write a book about our town, Bud C Miller had great-grandparents who did not do well here during Prohibition, and Mayor Handy Haakala met his sweetheart here during our (fictionalized) Centennial celebration.”

And because no show is complete without sponsors, there are ads from Upper Inwood businesses like Retch Sweeney’s Recycle Center, the Moose Be Good Caf, and Bertha’s Bird’s Nest Bar and Beauty Parlor.

The fun is scheduled to take place with an all-star Escanaba cast, headed by Craig Woerpel as the evening’s host. Music will be provided by Augie and Almudena, Resolution, and ‘SKI.

It all takes place at the bandshell in Ludington Park on Tuesday at 7 p.m. There’s no charge, thanks to the Esky 150 Committee. For information call 786-3833 or visit bonifasarts.org.