Iron Mountain author pens fourth book

IRON MOUNTAIN – Iron Mountain author Ida M. Nord has released her fourth book, now available at book stores throughout the Upper Peninsula and Northeast Wisconsin.

“Where the Wind Blows” offers a glance into the world of Seth Lemire, a soldier who is wounded in Afghanistan. While he recovers at a German hospital, Seth flashes back to his teenage memories of growing up in Negaunee, Michigan and northern Dickinson County, enjoying everything the outdoors has to offer with his family and friends – mainly his cousin and best friend, Allie.

The two are no strangers to adventure as they raise a wolf cub, meet a mysterious Native American woman who possesses healing powers, and enjoy the endless fishing and exploring opportunities the natural environment has to offer.

“There is always the tingle of suspense and mystery when I begin a book about ‘home’ – the U.P. of Michigan,” said Nord. “I initially wrote ‘Where the Wind Blows’ for my granddaughter, Audrey, but in the process of researching material I discovered that talking to young people and listening very closely, that they all carry the weight of their own stories, happy and sad. Their openness and honesty was amazing. I was truly inspired by them.”

The story’s beginning setting of an early spring day near Seth’s grandmother’s home on Teal Lake is the perfect scenery for a story in which Nord showcases the beauty awaiting in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula – but that’s only the beginning.

Though filled with many laugh-worthy moments and ones that show Seth on his path of maturation, his younger years are not all fun and games in this coming-of-age tale. He learns a thing or two about justice when an acquaintance of his is the target of a string of crimes that Seth believes he did not commit. Nord presents a story that tests Seth and Allie’s moral compass, all the while surrounded by the beautiful and changing four seasons of the Upper Peninsula.

Nord’s “Where the Wind Blows” is the perfect story for someone reminiscing about the natural beauty the U.P. has to offer, juxtaposing it with common issues in society today – crimes of drugs, theft, and bullying, to name a few.

Perhaps readers take the most away from the life lessons Seth learns by the end of the story, which features a twist and surprise ending that will leave many shocked.

“Where the Wind Blows” is the fourth in a line of previously released books by Nord including “Shards of War,” “The Mayfly,” and “The Bright Side of Ugly.” At the suggestion of the Upper Peninsula and Author’s Association, each of her releases have been showcased in the Governor’s Library in Lansing where guests, dignitaries and families may preview what Upper Michigan authors have to offer. A personal acknowledgement of appreciation came from both Gov. Rick Snyder and Michigan First Lady Sue Snyder.

Books are available at Book World stores in the U.P. and parts of Wisconsin, including Escanaba, Marquette, Houghton, and Iron Mountain. They are also available at the following locations: Country Roads in Escanaba, Snowbound Books and Northern Michigan University Book Store in Marquette, North Wind Books Finlandia University in Hancock, Greenway Books in Iron Mountain, Ben Franklin in Crystal Falls, and Nordic Grocery in Felch.