If only those antiques could talk

ESCANABA – Time ticks differently in the summer time.

A rusty milk can stands in the daisies by the old barn –

Pale blue glass topped canning jars from 1909 line a cellar wall –

Summer is a time when the past almost touches the present. No matter how modern we are, how comfortable in our air conditioned, wireless world, we still have a yearning to know about our heritage.

You can almost see time lapse around you in your garden and in your family. Trilliums and strawberries change to black-eyed Susan’s and blueberries. A son towers over his mother.

Antique hunting in the summer months is what deer hunting is to November.

Family heirlooms are often discovered or rediscovered on vacations at the old “family homestead,” cabin or camp. Whether it’s a black and white photograph of great grandparents or grandpa’s old shot gun, antiques have more value when sentiments are attached.

Strolling barefoot on the beach each piece of driftwood is enough to stir our curiosity. Is it from a sunken ship?

Hiking through the backwoods and coming upon stoneware crocks, jars or tin pails gets us thinkingdid pioneers tap maples here? Did Al Capone’s moonshiners hide out here?

Vintage tractors, wagon wheels, horse shoes, hide away in dusty sheds. What stories they can tell of yesterday just by looking at them.

Summer tourists frequent historical museums. Reenactments of voyagers, trappers, lumberjacks and civil war battles are entertaining and educational.

The city of Escanaba did a wonderful job of celebrating its 150th. Birthday. The sesquicentennial had lots of events and activities. Many folks gathered and had a great time. But the best thing the 150 celebration did was it got people socializing, reminiscing and thinking about our future.

Delta County and Escanaba was doubly blessed during the sesquicentennial because of the opening of the newly expanded Delta County Historical Museum and archives. This beautiful new facility was made possible because of a gift from Dr. John Beaumier, a native son of Escanaba. So much easier and nicer it will be now to investigate our past.

At the same time the Escanaba Public Library made digitized (seen on the computer) back issues of some of the old Escanaba newspapers available to users. It was a birthday gift from the Friends of the Escanaba Public Library.

A big thank you to the 150 committee, all the volunteers, and all those who donated in any way, we had a grand party and we made a memory.

A time capsule was buried in the ground at the municipal dock with treasures of our day, a cell phone, menus, and memorabilia.

Time capsules like old coins, bottles, tools and family treasures are hidden in many homes and down many country roads. Learn about your family history through an antique.

As the summer time ticks by, enjoy!

Karen (Rose) Wils is a lifelong resident of north Escanaba. Her folksy columns are published weekly in Lifestyles.