Be on lookout for stolen bikes


My name is April Smith and I’m writing this letter in hope that someone might see it and make a change. While at their father’s house in Escanaba, both of my sons (ages 13 and 16) bikes were stolen right out of the front yard. I pride myself in the way I have taught my children, so for this to happen to them is devastating. Stealing is wrong, and as a parent, if I were to see my child on a bike that didn’t belong to them, I would most certainly question where it came from. The bikes that were stolen were $400 a piece. That money isn’t easy for most people to come by, and I myself don’t have the money to replace them. I hope in sending this letter, maybe I can keep this from happening to another child. I ask you all to be on the look out. If you see a child on one of these bikes with no explanation as to why they have them, please turn the bikes in. My kids don’t deserve this!

April Smith