No vote urged on DATA millage


Delta Area Transit Authority (DATA) is planning to put a new tax issue on the ballot Aug. 6, 2013, in the amount of .5 mill property tax. The new tax will run for five years and will be taxing all property owners to cater to a small percentage of the population. Based upon the economic conditions of our area is this really a necessary part of our mission for the Delta area?

The Authority is running the ballot issue in August, which is an off election meaning they will be spending money out of their budget to fund the issue when it would cost nothing if run in November. Running in November will make sure a larger percentage of the registered voter’s voices will be heard. This is not being responsible or accountable and the tactic of running issues in off elections (perfected by the schools) is to focus on the special interest that show up to vote in low voter turnout elections resulting in potential victory.

Transporting those in need of rides should be more the responsibility of the churches, family, neighbors, and “do gooder” organizations in the community. According to DATA, they have taken out a short term loan so they are already asking for more of your hard earned money. There is a line that is crossed when tax supported agencies compete with private enterprises and put them out of business, like cab companies and other private transportation services. I urge you to take the extra effort to vote Aug. 6 Tuesday to keep our taxes under control.

Tim Caron