Don’t blast refinery legislation


I must take issue with your editorial regarding the proposed refinery in lower Michigan. Saying it will do nothing to help with our prices is the kind of thinking that has caused a lot of the current “trouble” we, in this country find ourselves. “A small refinery in lower Michigan will not help the U.P.” About 12 years ago, the debate started about the Alaskan area known as ANWAR. The opponents claimed that it would be seven to 10 years before any of that oil came on the market. That was 12 years ago and they are still arguing. The argument was that it wouldn’t help the price of gas. If we had millions of barrels of oil flooding the market, I believe it would have had an impact by now.

If we had more people like Senator Jones, across the country, maybe some of the problems would be solved. This used to be a country of innovators and creative thinkers. Problem solvers. People like Henry Ford. Henry Ford started out in a small garage. Sam Walton (Walmart) bought out a small discount store. Walmart is now the biggest company in the world. If Senator Jones gets his refinery, and someone else in Wisconsin gets his refinery, and then it keeps going, and going, and going. However, short-sighted people are succeeding at stopping the dreamers, the problem solvers. This country put a man on the moon 44 years ago. Before I-phones, and Twitter, and laptop computers. I don’t believe we could do it now because of the short-sighted thinking expressed in your editorial.

The current administration has virtually shut down oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, unless you are a foreign country. They have almost guaranteed that the Keystone Pipeline will not be built. They have closed over 60 percent of the coal industry. Why? Someone proposes something to help our energy issues, and you blast him. I do not understand.

Tom Grant