Damage to Wall of Honor shameful


Once again I take my daily leisurely ride down Ludington Street enroute to Ludington Park. When passing by the DDA office at Center Court I notice the monument called the “Wall of Honor.” When seeing the wall my eyes are immediately drawn to the damage that has been done to this wall. This wall was erected as a small token of our thanks to the men and women who were serving our country at the beginning of the lraqi War. Whoever you are, I hope you had “fun” doing this. You obviously don’t know the work that went into this project or worse yet don’t care. You were able to have “a night or nights of fun.” Never mind all the work that went into securing the information needed to erect the wall. Never mind the hours and hours that my partner, Sherri Nutt, and I spent on the phone trying to secure the names of the men and women on that wall. (The U.S. military will not release the names of those currently in the military). Never mind the hours and hours again spent on the phone asking for parents permission to include these names on the wall. Then on to the next round, which was to invite all of the parents of these individuals to the exciting unveiling of the finished project. Even though the temperature was cold, our hearts were warm when the monument was unveiled. We did not do this project for recognition, Sherri and my son’s names were both on that wall and both deployed.

Right now, when I ride by this wall it makes me sick to think that a person(s) would have such disrespect for these men and women. Do you think that they had “fun” having to leave their spouse, children, and other family members for a year or sometimes longer. Some of them have had to do several deployments every time having to say goodbye to loved ones to enter a land with many unknowns and to lay down their lives to preserve the freedoms we enjoy. I hope you never have to experience a deployment as a soldier or a parent when your son/daughter tells you that they are going off to war and your heart sinks to the floor. Maybe then you will know the true meaning of that wall and are sorry for that “night of fun” and the damage you’ve done.

The proud parent of a soldier

Patti Holland