Diocesan teachers & principals receive training in Singapore Math

ESCANABA – Teachers, principals, along with the Superintendent of Catholic Schools from the Diocesan Catholic Schools, gathered at Escanaba’s Holy Name Catholic School in mid-June to learn about the math teaching method, Singapore Math, which has proven success in many schools in Singapore and in the United States.

The seminar was put on by Linda West of SmartTraining.

West traveled from Scottsdale, Ariz., to Escanaba to train the teachers and principals. West said she started teaching Singapore Math in 2003 at Benchmark Charter School in Arizona.

“We’ve been training schools since 2008,” she said. “It’s a different way of thinking about math, in that it is very visual.”

According to the SmartTraining website, the Singapore Math method has a consistent and strong emphasis on mental math and problem solving through model drawing. Several of the Diocesan Catholic schools are implementing the Singapore Math method this upcoming school year.

Holy Name Principal Joseph Carlson, one of several principals who participated in the training, said of the Singapore Math method: “Singapore Math gives you strategies for solving complex math problems.”

West commented that it was nice to see not only teachers, but also school principals take part in the training. Singapore Math is a registered trademark of Singapore Math Inc.

For more information on Holy Name Catholic School, call the school at (906) 786-7550.