Riders need DATA service


I strongly urge a yes voter Aug. 6. People like me need the DATA bus to maintain independent and productive lives. Cab companies charge far more than DATA. People on limited incomes can’t always afford the extra money. Besides that are the cab companies willing to pay liability insurance to carry wheelchairs? I don’t think so. The liability insurance is unbelievable.

Besides are you willing to accept the risk of losing all the drivers and dispatchers? Yes real people drive for DATA. Some of them I would consider friends. People yammer about the economy yet a no vote would cause loss for many people. Not only that the disabled and elderly would lose their main source of transportation to local businesses. Yes local businesses. Less tax money less money being spent in the community. Can we afford that?

You can’t always depend on friends and family. People have jobs, children and other responsibilities. I prefer to call DATA and keep the awesome and professional drivers working.

Sorry Mr Caron, your arguments don’t fly with this DATA bus rider.

Jodi Carlson