Yes vote urged on DATA millage


I strongly urge the residents of Escanaba and Wells Township to vote yes on Aug. 6 for the DATA millage. I am a regular rider of DATA and have been for many years. I use a walker and it is difficult for me to walk long distance. DATA allows me to have the independence to go shopping, attend medical appointments and see my family and friends. It is very important to me to be independent. I rely on all modes of transportation. I do use taxi companies, but it is not cost effective for me on a daily basis. I am just a person trying to live a fulfilled life just like anyone else.

I know a lot of people in Escanaba and Wells Township that would greatly benefit from the service of DATA in their area.

Again, I encourage all of Escanaba and Wells Township residents to vote yes on the DATA millage because someday you could need the bus.

Barb Carlson