DATA users support millage


We are a very active group of people in the community. We are asking the voters of Escanaba and Wells Township to support the DATA millage on Aug. 6.

This millage would enable the residents of these two townships to benefit in all services DATA has to offer such as door to door transportation, friendly drivers and dispatchers and timely services. This transportation enables people to go to work, shop at local businesses, attend medical appointments, visit family and friends at a low cost. We use DATA on a daily basis as well as taxi services.

DATA is more cost effective for us because of our limited income. Using mass transit is good for the environment saving on fuel emissions and conserving energy. We encourage all to vote “yes” on the DATA millage on Aug. 6.

Bonnie Champeau, Mark Alowdren, Annette Vanlerberghe, Annette Vanlerberghe, Bonnie Champeau.