Mich-Wis. Tennis Open: Gregoire pulls double duty

ESCANABA – Escanaba’s Erin Gregoire pulled double-duty Sunday in the second day of the Michigan-Wisconsin Tennis Open at Ludington Park.

Originally signed up to play in Mixed A, Gregoire was granted eligibility to also compete in Mixed B doubles due to a lack of teams in Mixed A.

“I’m glad,” Gregoire said. And why not?

While paired with former Eskymo standout Luke Ogren, Gregoire played in the only match of the division. They fell Mark and Patti Stinski of Appleton, Wis. 6-1, 6-0 but Ogren said they had fun doing it.

“We got some good experience playing really good players – they win it most of the time when they come here,” he said. “We knew going in that we probably weren’t going to win, but it was still really fun to go out there and try.

“We kept it pretty competitive. The score at the end wasn’t, but we got in a few games that we weren’t expecting to. It was enjoyable.”

The Mixed B final was an all Eskymo alumni showdown as Gregoire, paired with Sean Berhow edged John Brandt and Brianna Dault 6-4, 7-5 in a competitive match with lots of long points.

Berhow said it was a unique experience going up against an opponent that already knows all of your tendencies.

“It’s weird..It’s nice because you don’t have to try and hide anything because they know what you’re going to do anyway,” he said. “But then, they do know what you’re going to try to do, so they can stop a lot of it, especially when you have shots that you like to hit and they are prepared for it.

“It does take a little longer, but that’s OK,” added Gregoire, who said despite playing in both divisions of Mixed doubles, that she had plenty left in the tank.

“I did play in Mixed A, but that match didn’t take that long, so it was alright. I wasn’t too tired,” she said. “It was fun, we weren’t planning on playing together, but at the last minute…”

“She was allowed in because there was only one other team in Mixed A, so (Tournament organizer) Denny (Lueneberg) said she could play B and I needed a partner,” finished Berhow.

Another tournament organizer Tom Penegor and his partner Glenn Pearson went on a nice run in their second set against Spike Houle and Robert Cook of Marquette, pulling out a 6-4, 6-2 victory in the final.

“It was fun,” said Penegor. “The weather was gorgeous, the players we played were very nice, it was just a real nice event. It was nice to participate and be a part of it.”

The victory wrapped up a long grueling day of tennis for Penegor and Pearson and the road wasn’t easy.

“It started off tough and Tom saved my butt. He was playing real well and serving well,” said Pearson. “We had a 3-setter the first match and it was two and a half hours long. Even the next set that went two sets, they were long sets. It’s been a long day of tennis.”

After the match Penegor was feeling his age but felt a certain satisfaction in defeating the younger Houle and Cook.

“Why would I put myself in to play four matches, we should have had a bye that first one,” he cracked. “But we didn’t. We went the hard way and played four matches. Those guys only played three and they’re 30 years younger than us.

“It does keep me young, but I’ll pay for it tonight.”

Other doubles finals winners Sunday included Derek Harrington and Brian Tresedder of Kingsford defeating Brett Girard and Dave Antilla 7-5, 6-4. In the Senior Men’s division, Wayne Olivier and Joe Downs of Marquette triumphed over Mark Stinski and Mike Nabbenfeldt of Appleton 6-7, 6-4, 6-2.

Noah Ackerman of Munising and Alec Olivier of Marquette won the Boys 18U Division which was decided by a round robin tournament. Allison Carlson and Dana Dedretto of Negaunee won the Girls 18U Division.

Amber Lippold and Judy Wise won the Women’s Division.