Information on wolves inaccurate


The Upper Peninsula Sportsmen’s Alliance, the voice of the UP hunters, fisherman, trappers and other outdoor people find it very disturbing that our local newspapers are receiving letters to the editors from people as far as California, attempting to cloud the minds of our residents, our Michigan legislators and the Department of Natural Resources with information on wolves that is deceiving and innaccurate.

According to DNR experts in other states, Michigan has one of the best wolf management programs that currently exist in the United States. This plan had to be approved by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Division before the wolves could be removed from the endangered species list.

The HSUS in 2010 raised close to $150 million in revenue. They are a tax free non-profit organization. They only spent 1 percent on animal shelters. Where did they spend the rest? They are limited as to how much they can spend on political lobbying.

We would give a second thought when it comes to making a donation to the HSUS. They were successful in stopping the dove hunt in the Lower Peninsula. Now they are after the wolves. Soon it will be to stop all hunting and fishing in the state of Michigan.

The tradition of hunting, fishing and trapping has been a way of life passed down by our forefathers since the existence of the United States of America.

Do not let our heritage and rights be destroyed by the HSUS.

Tony Demboski

President, UPSA