Remember When?

Delta Reporter files

Soo Line pensioned employees of the Gladstone Division posed for a photo at the group’s annual picnic held in 1953 at Van Cleve Park. The men are: from left front, F.V. Carlson, J.A. Campbell, Herb Smith, W.T. Morton, Joseph LaLiberte, W.F. Miller, Fred Cowen. J.L. Froberg, A. Minnick. M.J. Magoon, and John Holm; second row, Fred Upton, F.J. Hoppa, Emil Norquist, Nelson Baril, Peter Villeneuve, Felix DeMay, Joseph Texmunt, Ed Roland, Guy Wellman, Norman Kee, and Charles Nia; third row, John V. Erickson, W.H. Bezner, E.O. Chapman, Jack Roe, John Devost, Axel Albert, and Pat Cannon; back row, Roger Smith, J.C. Titsworth, Chester Young, Herman Kinnie, F.P. Greene, Milton Damitz, John Lash, C.C. Schuler, Cleve Krout, and R.I. Simpson.