Abusing special elections


“The recent special August election for the DATA millage is a case study in a democracy out of control. Registered voters are conditioned to vote in November when the largest amount of voters will show up to the polls.

The schools, DATA, and some other tax dependent agencies abuse special elections in attempt to control the results due to low voter turnout.

The vote Tuesday, Aug. 6, is an insult to the voters even with the issue not passing.

DATA wasted considerable money for the special election and will likely try again. Very easily the issue could pass with low voter turnout and special interest the only ones going to the polls.

The combination of registered voters for Escanaba and Wells Townships is 6,694 and only 556 people showed up to vote or 8.3 percent. There needs to be a law against special elections as all agencies plan their budgets yearly and all financial issues should be on the November ballot only. If these people cannot manage their budgets they should be replaced. All agencies should want the most taxpayers possible have their voice heard at the polls not the least amount of taxpayers.

I suspect many of the 6,694 registered voters knew nothing about the issue or the issue being on ballot.

This is a crime and should not be allowed to continue. Contact your representative to make sure they take some legislative action to put a stop to the special elections if they have the courage!”

Phil Caron

Maumee, Ohio