Pick up your trash


“We live close to the park. Every Fourth of July, people park on the side streets surrounding the park, including ours. Every year, the morning after the event, we have to clean up the trash left by the people who have parked in front of our house, as do many other homeowners in the area.

This year, with all of the events going on for over a week, there was trash to be picked up almost daily. The trash is not only fireworks wrappers, but food wrappers and containers, beverage containers, and even dirty diapers. Doesn’t anyone have any respect for other people’s property anymore? Maybe the city should put out extra trash containers along the sidewalks surrounding the park for these events so people can, hopefully, leave their trash as they are leaving the park.

People also walk their dogs quite a bit going and coming from the park and let them make their messes in the yards as they are passing by, and then do not pick it up. Come on people, those bags are several dozen for a buck at the dollar store. Or, even more frugally, you could carry along an empty bread bag. Simply put your hand inside the bag, pick up the mess, then pull the edges over your hand and around the mess. Tie it in a knot and take it home for disposal. Do not leave it in someone’s yard!

We have an invisible fence for our dog. Today, I let him out, and he started rolling around in the grass – right in some mess that another dog had recently left! I did not enjoy having to give a bath to a dog that doesn’t like them! It was a struggle, to say the least.

I bet if that happened to their dog, in their yard, and they had to clean it up, they wouldn’t be very happy.

I tried to just ignore the trash left, and have tried to be patient when I see dog owners leaving their dog’s mess behind, but after today, I cannot keep it in any longer and really feel the need to speak up.

Please, people! Have some respect and clean up after yourselves and your pets!”

Patti Taylor