Everyone should be involved


“I attended the Garden Township Planning Commission Open Meeting for Public Awareness on Aug. 6. I was disappointed that what could have been an informative meeting for all turned into a chaotic evening due to what appeared to be a pre-planned disruption. I commend the commission for their calm response and ability to adjust their original forum.

The Garden Township is made up of many people, not just a select few, who care about their homes, their property, their rights and this beautiful land in the U.P. Contrary to some angrily voiced opinions, we all contribute to and benefit from our community.

We need to listen respectfully to one another and try to understand each others’ concerns in order to make the best decisions regarding any proposals. There are many sides to an issue and they all need to be considered. Everyone’s opinions are valid, not just those who shout the loudest. It’s understandable that feelings run deep, but questions, concerns and comments need to be voiced and heard in a respectful and civil manner.

It is sad to see the contention and divisiveness that is occurring because of present and foreseeable changes happening on the peninsula. I think most residents care about and want to protect the Garden Peninsula for future generations, not just for a certain group, but for everyone. We need to know people’s concerns and issues and be informed about plans that affect us all. It is important we all get involved.”

Ruth Craig

Garden Township resident