A different perspective of meeting


“We also attended the Garden Township Planning Commission Open Meeting for Public Awareness on Aug. 6. We saw the events in a different light that Mr. and Mrs. Craig. Expecting a public meeting, we came in to several small groups in separate areas.

We were told we could ask questions in small groups. The problems with that was that only people next to that table could ask, and hear the answer, then going to the next table and ask the same question and get a different answer.

This upset the attendees, and they asked that the meeting be held in a meeting format where all could participate and hear the same answer. What we heard was concern from citizens of the wonderful area we live in, voicing concerns of new changes the committee wants to make in the way things are done, without a vote or approval from the majority of property owners in Garden Township. It was also questioned since the same services were already provided by Delta County, at a cheaper cost then doing them ourselves, what was the benefit for us to change? The majority of townships in Delta County do not have their own planning commission, but continue to participate in the Delta County Planning Commission as they have for many years.

We have concerns that a small select group are trying to put through restrictions to protect their special interest. They are upset with the advancement of technology, the presence of the windmills on our peninsula. They no not respect the right to farm, they want to be able to put restriction on farming and the utilization of our land. Farmers are long time stewards of the land, and strive to improve the land for further generations. Everyone’s opinions are valid, not just those who shout the loudest, and not just those who whisper behind closed doors.

George and Joyce Leckson