Treat all college students equally


In 1969, I was very fortunate to receive a “Full Ride” to play basketball at St. Norbert College upon graduating from Holy Name High School. This meant I was “given” $80,000 for tuition and books, a Work-Study job for $15 and hour, and $30 a day spending for a month during Christmas break, new shoes, and and invaluable education.

Recently, ESPN pundits, or “Jocks” are in a fever-pitch about college athletes receiving pay for helping create a mega-billion industry of NCAA athletes.

Let me give you some advice: They are already paid!

If college football and basketball players are to be paid, so should honor students in their disciplines, campus leaders, and service organizations. The only sticking-point for Jay Biles and reformers is that athletics amasses millions of dollars for colleges and universities. And whose percentage of each university athletes? 5 percent, maybe 6. The remainder of the student body works feverishly for such mundane pursuits as education, economics, Christian, education, science and the like, Obviously, their efforts won’t draw the applause of a touchdown or 20-foot jump shot, but their contribution last forever and actually means something to the world.

The World Order doesn’t need more quarterbacks and point guards, it needs leaders, scholars, and role models. I always thought the time-honored claim was “higher education,” not “higher free throw percentages.”

Terry Dufour