Tribute to 51-year church organist

HERMANSVILLE – Colleen Rodman was recently honored by the congregation of St. John Neumann Catholic Church in Hermansville for her 51 years of service as the church’s organist.

Rodman began her career as organist for Rev. Gerald LaMothe in 1962. Since that time, she has served under the ministry of Rev. Patrick Frankard, Rev. Jerome Larson, Rev. Dennis O’Leary, Rev. Leno Zadra, and Rev. Dominc Zadra (1964-65); Rev. Gervase Brewer (1965-71); Rev. Joseph Gouin (1972); Rev. Edward Wenzel (1972-80); Rev. David Rocheleau (1980-1984); Rev. Raymond Valerio (1984-1990); and Rev. Michael Vichich (1990 to present).

On behalf of the congregation, Rev. Vichich presented Rodman with an etched glass cross lauding her for her years of service. Rodman was also presented with a floral and monetary tribute from Nancy Whitens and the church choir.

Certificates of appreciation were presented by Rev. Vichich to the choir members. In addition to Rodman, those receiving tribute were Roger Whitens (67 years), Robert Whitens (52 years), Nancy Whitens (45 years), Alan Whitens (41 years), Jalaine Whitens (30 years), Rose Bellmore (25 years), and Amanda Whitens (14 years).

Joining with the choir and participating in the celebratory Mass was Anthony Whitens, as well as Ken Schultz, a former resident of Hermansville, and Joseph Whitens, a former member of the choir now living in Oshkosh, Wis. Two former choir members in attendance were Rose Fish (74 years) and Olga Robertson (40 years).

Deceased choir members were also recognized, including Leo and Queenie Doran and their son, “Bud” Doran, John and Eileen Malone, Carrie Menard, Esther Faccio, Richard Whitens, Doris Ayotte, Rose Schultz, Armenia St. Juliana, Leno Sartori, and Virgil Malone.

A dinner in honor of the celebration followed the service.

Rodman and her husband, Frank, make their home in Hermansville. They are the parents of two children and also have one grandchild.