New book for author Darby Mitchell

BARK RIVER – Author and teacher, Darby Mitchell of Bark River, describes herself as a “mystic” in her newest publication, “Visions, A Love Story.”

The narrative is a collection of “visions” Mitchell has received over her lifetime, many of which include visions of Jesus Christ and His crucifixion, death, and entombment, and visions of President Abe Lincoln. From these visions, Mitchell feels her spirituality and views about religion have been conceived. The “giver” of these visions, she believes, is God.

“I believe we’re all religious and I feel we’re all different,” Mitchell said. “When I began these visions, I didn’t realize how religious I was until I wrote this. After a while, I began thinking ‘What will I do with these?’ and answered myself, ‘Obviously you need to publish them.'”

Although she said she doesn’t comprehend the impact of being a mystic, Mitchell said she has grown to accept it.

Mitchell said she has been having visions from her earliest childhood and in her book, she describes her first encounter while in the sun-room of her family home and, as a result of this vision, she said “had been commissioned” and her journey as a mystic began.

“I have been diagnosed as a mystic,” Mitchell said. “I can really hear voices and I can really see visions. At first I thought I was crazy but I came to realize that I am what I am and life isn’t the same for me any more.”

After she began writing down her visions, Mitchell said she gave them her entire focus.

“I tried not to talk to anyone and merely focus on what was at hand,” she explained.

Even the design for the cover of her book, illustrated by local artist, Ingrid Blixt, came to Mitchell as the result of a vision she had while digging in her yard.

Following the instruction of her vision, Mitchell felt compelled to make a creche from which the “Goddess of Nature,” the feminine equivalent to God, is to be re-born.

“Visions, A Love Story,” was published by Richard’s Printing in Escanaba.

A native of the Detroit area, Mitchell is a graduate of Wayne State University with a bachelor’s degree in English and a master’s degree in creative writing. She is currently working on her PhD. She is the author of several novels and plays and has taught at the Writer’s Workshop at Bay College for a number of years.