TORC Racing: Beauchamp goes for title repeat this weekend

ESCANABA – Going into the final weekend of the Super Stock Truck TORC Series racing division, Danny Beauchamp of Escanaba has a shot at completing his goal – winning a second straight overall points championship.

Beauchamp currently sits in third place in the standings, 10 points behind leader Don Demeny, but given the way the start of the season went at Bark River, Beauchamp will take it.

“With how the season started at Bark River, it’s really great. I’m just glad I have a shot. I’m really happy to have the chance to do this,” Beauchamp said Monday.

At the first event of the season at Bark River, Beauchamp finished in 9th and 12th place on both days, and was unable to finish either race as some rare truck problems muddled things up. He has since recovered. At Red Bud August 10-11, Beauchamp placed second on Saturday, briefly giving him the points lead. However, an eighth place finish on Sunday coupled with a second place finish by Don Demeny knocked Beauchamp back down to third.

“Red Bud was good but also bad at the same time,” said Beauchamp. “Going into Sunday, we had the points lead for the first time all year, but an eighth place finish put us back out.”

Nick Byng is currently second after two first-place finishes at Red Bud.

“Nick and I started racing at almost the same time. We both run Ford trucks and we talk quite a bit,” said Beauchamp. “It’s good to see him doing well. Hopefully he finishes in the top three with us.”

Beauchamp’s only plans this weekend however, are finishing first and securing the points championship. There are three days of racing at Crandon this weekend. In a non-points race Friday, Beauchamp will compete for a $10,000 purse. He will then need to secure two first-place finishes on Saturday and Sunday to win it all.

“Racing Friday is taking a gamble. The biggest concern is making sure the truck is ready to go and raing Friday is putting that much more abuse on the truck for it not being a points race,” said Beauchamp. “But I don’t make 10 grand all year, so if I can do it in one race, I’ll be pretty happy. I wouldn’ race it if I didn’t think I was going to win it. We need to win Saturday and Sunday, I want to win Friday too.”