Power line opposition


“I am currently working on the Communications Merit Badge for Boy Scouts, and one of the requirements is to go to a public meeting. I decided to go to a Harris Township meeting, and something I heard here really concerned me.

A man came in from the American Transmission Company (ATC) and said that they were planning a route to connect two substations in the U.P. with new power lines.

In the original planning they were going to choose the two “most efficient” routes. It turns out that parts of both routes will go through private property. If this construction project does go through, many different problems arise. One of the big problems of this is that by having these power lines on resident’s private properties, the overall price of it could go down as much as 10-15 percent. This would be a very big downfall if these residents decided to sell there house, and move.

Another big problem with the new powers lines would be that many health risks arise. The closer you live to the power lines, the higher the risk. As it turns out, there are many families that would live within 100 feet of these power lines, some as close as 35 feet. Millions of dollars have been invested in research in finding the health risks of living next to power lines. This research has proven that if you live next to high voltage power lines you have a higher risk of getting leukemia, stunted growth, and other related conditions. British Medical Journal says, “Children living within 650 feet of power lines had a 70 percent greater risk for leukemia than children living 2,000 feet away or more.” Scientific research says, “Strong, artificial EMF’s like those from power lines can scramble and interfere with your body’s natural EMF, harming everything from your sleep cycles and stress levels to your immune response and DNA.”

As you scan see, these power lines may not be the best idea. I think that this information would be made aware to the general public.

As citizens of Michigan we need to be informed of what is going on in our state. We either need to work together to change these routes for the better, or to fight against the building of these new power lines.

Andy Vandermissen