Manistique plans to purchase new squad car

MANISTIQUE – A public hearing was held recently for a grant request that would allow Manistique to purchase a new squad car.

The Manistique Public Safety Department applied for the United States Department of Agriculture grant to purchase a new SUV-type squad car and related equipment for the department. The SUV will be a replacement for the current Unit 46-2, a 2004 Ford Crown Victoria.

“Regarding the old patrol vehicle, we will be obtaining a price for this from downstate buyers, typically taxi cab companies. If the price is not attractive, we may keep this vehicle for a back up patrol vehicle that would be used during special events or situations which require a full call out of all Public Safety Officers,” said Public Safety Director Ken Golat in an email to the Daily Press.

The total cost of the vehicle and equipment is expected to be $38,092. The department has opted for a a Ford Interceptor SUV, which, according to Golat has become popular with other Upper Peninsula agencies because of its multi-use capability in winter conditions and on unimproved roads, all-wheel drive, and expanded cargo space.

Because the current squad car is no longer being produced, the interior equipment – including radio mounts, prisoner cage, and gun mounts – will not fit into new squad cars.

Roughly $8,237 of the total cost will be used for equipment for the new vehicle including an emergency light bar, center-side partition window, prisoner partition, rear prisoner seat, gun mounts, wiring, radio consoles, storage organizers, and appropriate outside graphics. Other equipment that can be removed from the old squad car – such as radios, siren, and radar – will be removed and installed into the new vehicle as appropriate.

Public Safety has requested $20,000 in grant funding to fund the project. The remaining $18,092 has been reserved for this purchase in Capital outlay for the Public Safety department’s 2014 budget.

“There is no time set for when the city will know if they received this grant,” said Golat. “This situation is very fluid based on other grant requests from other cities, and availability of federal funding.”