TORC Racing: Beauchamp wins second consecutive World Championship

ESCANABA – Danny Beauchamp has done it again. The Escanaba native got a little bit of luck and after a weekend of tough Super Stock Truck racing at Crandon, Beauchamp secured his second consecutive TORC Series points championship.

Heading into the final weekend of the season, it was all but a certainty that Beauchamp would need two first place finishes at Crandon to secure the championship, with drivers Nick Byng and Don Demeny ahead of him in the standings. He took care of one end of the deal with a first place finish Saturday, but Sunday was a different story.

“Going into Sunday, me and Nick were tied for points. Nick got a flat tire during the race and Don also got a flat tire,” said Beauchamp. “Basically at that point, I just had to finish the race ahead of them.”

Beauchamp took it easy the rest of the race and concentrated on avoiding mistakes, taking fifth place and securing the world championship.

“A lot of it is luck,” Beauchamp said. “But you have to be there too. Once I noticed that Nick and Don were behind me, I slowed my pace and made sure I didn’t make mistakes.”

The win wrapped up a thrilling comeback. After not finishing either race at Bark River in the season debut, Beauchamp faced a real uphill climb trying to catch the leaders. Midway through the season, he knew he still had a chance.

“In Chicago, we won both days. We weren’t far behind from there,” Beauchamp said. “We went to Red Bud and held the points lead for a day, but after Chicago and winning three races in a row (won at Crandon the week before) I knew, and everyone else in the class knew we were coming.”

Beauchamp also pointed out the brilliant work of his team and said the condition the truck is in was proof of their work.

“One fender is messed up, but otherwise it’s in great shape,” he said. “Spray it down with a pressure washer and take it for a ride. It looks pretty good.”

There’s no question, Beauchamp said, that this championship is more meaningful this year than last year’s.

“I would say so. It’s not easy to go back-to-back,” he said. “It’s not easy to win one in the first place. You do it once and you think you’ll never do it again, but we were able to do that and it’s really cool.”

As a bonus during the weekend, Beauchamp also competed in the Sportsmans Cup Friday night with a $10,000 purse at stake. He took third among some much better equipped trucks, winning $1,500.

“I did real well and almost won,” Beauchamp said. “With two laps to go I got passed by some much faster trucks. I got a 35 second head start but they caught up to me.”

What the future holds for Beauchamp remains to be seen. The Esky driver has ambitions of joining the professional ranks but a lot goes into determining if the time is right.

“You look at upgrading, but it’s hard to say right now,” he said. “You never know. If I meet the right sponsor and the right people, I might go to the pro level. I know my team is ready and I think I am too.”