Remember When?

Gene Watson Gallery

This picture, which hung in the office of the late Dr. Otto S. Hult, for many years shows the first-grade class of 1907 at the First Ward School, which was located on the south east corner of Fifth Street and Wisconsin Ave. in Gladstone. Hattie (Beneshek) Hupy was the teacher. Dr. Hult identified the students are: (first row of students from front to back) Ralph and Charles Pelkey, a Potvin and unidentified; Joe Anderson, Art Johnson, Evelyn Swanson and Ellen Lillquist, Otto Hult, and Clyde Cole, two unidentified girls, and August DeGrave and Charles DeGroat. Among those in the row next to the teacher are: Floyd Olson, Walter Swanson, Lydia Broeckaert, Amy Sigfried, Phil Richel, Walter Hubert, Flora Hubert, Maggie Lewis, Carl Haglund and Al Soderman.

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