Smoluchas married 60 years

AURORA, Ill. – Stan and Mary Ann Smolucha of Aurora, Ill., will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary on Thursday. Stan and the former Mary Ann Cass, originally from Escanaba, were married at St. Patrick’s Church in Escanaba on Sept. 5, 1953.

The couple met at the wedding of Mary Ann’s sister. Stan worked in the tool-and-die industry, while Mary Ann worked in Milwaukee and later moved to Chicago where she worked with different savings and loan companies.

A surprise anniversary celebration in honor of the couple was held on Sunday at the Terrace with 30 friends and family members in attendance. The reception was hosted by the couple’s three children.

The couple’s children are: Stan Smolucha Jr. of Winfield, Ill.; and Sue Klein and Nancy Weber, both of Aurora. They also have nine grandchildren.