Support the shelter


“I came across word that the Delta Animal Shelter is having its annual fundraiser and I just couldn’t resist commenting, even all the way from New York City.(“Animal shelter fundraiser coming up,” September 3, 2013) Companion animals have a tremendous impact on people’s lives in a very positive way. Dogs and cats give unconditional love that translates not just into emotional well being but also physical well being as well. Sadly, many cities and towns are inundated with homeless cats and dogs. Many loving animals are euthanized as a result. This must stop. And the way to stop this besides neutering and spaying your pets and stray animals, is to support fundraisers like the aforementioned one. I hope people generously support this great cause. And if you have it in your heart to adopt a loving animal, that’s even better.”

Timothy Caravello

New York City