Cousineau wins “Off the Vine” run

BARK RIVER – Escanaba High School junior Eric Cousineau took charge early in the first “Off the Vine Trail Run” Saturday, cruising through the 2.8-mile course in 16 minutes, 42 seconds.

He was followed by women’s champion Jill Richard of Garden (20:59) and men’s runner-up Michael Brazeau of Gladstone (21:50) on this cloudy and breezy evening.

The event was intended to be five-kilometers (3.1 miles), but heavy rainfall early Saturday morning created deep washouts on the original course and forced race officials to make last-minute changes.

“Personally, I had a feeling this was a short course,” said Cousineau. “Although, it’s a nice course. There were no major footing issues. It also cooled off nicely from earlier today. This was a good warm-up for Tuesday (Kingsford Invitational).”

Ryan Kamin of Wilson was the third-place men’s finisher (23:14).

Following Richard in the women’s division were Danielle Guerts (21:51) and Danielle Artley (23:13), both of Escanaba.

“The weather was good,” said Richard. “There were a lot of turns on the course, which kept it interesting. I tried to keep Eric in sight so I would know when to turn, but he was so far ahead of me. Although, the course was well marked.”

Temperatures, which were in the low 80s late Saturday afternoon, dropped approximately 20 degrees by the time the race started.

The event drew 48 runners and walkers.


Overall winner – Eric Cousineau, Escanaba, 16:42.

10 & under – Michael Brazeau, Gladstone, 21:50; 11-14 – Zack Feathers, Bark River, 33:39; 26-30 – Ryan Kamin, Wilson, 23:14; 31-35 – Michael Blickham, Escanaba, 27:04; 46-50 – Scott Brant, Escanaba, 24:58; 60 & over – David Hunter, Cedar River, 23:27.


Overall winner – Jill Richard, Garden, 20:59.

11-14 – Madison Draze, Bark River, 45:20; 15-19 – Kamarie Gendron, 46:41; 20-25 – Amanda Farrell, Escanaba, 29:50; 26-30 – Danielle Artley, Escanaba, 23:13; 31-35 – Mindy Williams, Escanaba, 23:27; 36-40 – Danielle Guerts, Escanaba, 21:51; 41-45 – Tina Porath, Oconto, Wis., 26:20; 46-50 – Kathleen McMillan, Escanaba, 27:36; 51-60 – Mary Ciminskie, 47:28; 60 & over – Judy Balanda, Rapid River, 35:13.