Benishek to vote no on military action in Syria

WASHINGTON – Congressman Dr. Dan Benishek said he intends to vote against President Obama’s plan to conduct American military strikes in Syria.

“I believe a majority of Northern Michigan’s citizens have grown tired of war in the Middle East and are very wary of getting involved in another nation’s civil war. That’s why I’m planning to vote against taking military action in Syria. The killing of innocent people in Syria has been horrible, but I don’t think getting our nation in the middle of their conflict is in America’s best interest,” said Benishek, a general surgeon from Iron River who serves on the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs.

The Obama Administration is currently seeking Congressional approval to carry out American military airstrikes against Syria. After carefully reading the resolution and listening to the concerns of many citizens in Northern Michigan, Dr. Benishek said he has decided to vote against the President’s war resolution. A vote on the resolution in the House of Representatives is expected in early September.

“Frankly, I think we need to be decreasing our military presence overseas, not increasing it. The message I’ve heard from Northern Michigan’s citizens is pretty clear – we don’t want another war. So, I urge the President to listen to the American people and not get our nation entangled in another conflict in the Middle East,” said Dr. Benishek.

Since coming to Congress in 2011, Benishek said he has been supportive of efforts to reduce America’s military presence overseas and bring the War in Afghanistan to an end as soon as possible.