Obama and Syria


For those who are not paying attention: The President of the United States is trying to get support to bomb Syria. This is the same President who did not send help when the embassy in Benghazi Libya was under attack.

In Libya, four Americans were killed. Help was within striking distance and they were told not to go help. Now he, the anointed one, wants to commit the U.S. to a bombing campaign that will be “unbelievably small,” according to the Secretary of State. One of the cruise missiles, the tomahawk, cost $569,000 and that was three years ago.

This country is about 17 trillion in debt. We don’t have enough money to have school kids tour the White House anymore, and The Blue Angels and Thunderbirds have been grounded, because there isn’t enough money. But somehow there is enough to bomb Syria with missiles that cost over a half million dollars?

And why now? 1,400 are killed by chemical weapons. What about the over 100,000 that have been killed with “conventional” weapons? Are they any less dead?

Tom Grant