Remember When?

Gene Watson Gallery

The Gladstone High School Class of 1940 got together for a photograph taken for the 1938 “Minnewascan,” the high school yearbook. The classmates have been identified as follows: from left front, Barbara Riley, Margaret Noskey, Bernice Lemerand, Mary Cretens, Margit Sigg, Violet Swenson, Joan Cannon, Marjorie Wyatt, Veryl Bovin, Alma Hellman, Marian Wilhelm, and Elode Valind; second row, Richard Maki, Naomi Staple, Martha Wepsala, Eileen Thivierge, Bette LaBumbard, Marjorie Ward, Jeanne Fitzpatrick, Shirley Bovin, Doris Castor, Wanda Tufnell, Francis Engelharte, Mable Ducheny, Mathilda Castor, Celia Oja, and Jack Lundin; third row, George Goodman, Laverne Kinnie, Patricia Nebel, Alice Dehlin, Betty Ann Paine, Mildred Page, Eileen Louis, Lenore Beauchamp, Betty Hart, Margaret Caswell, Dorothy Lemerand, Angela Kinkella, Eleanor Darian, Shirlee Miller, and Edward Larson; fourth row, Melvin Pokensky, Carl Dahlbeck, Adolph Girard, Clay Holm, ? Thivierge, Kenneth McNair, Norman Berg, William Swenson, Samuel Cassidy, William Young, Ainer Newman, Melvin Kellerson, Vernor Vanlerberghe, and Edwin Artley; back row, Ed Zervic, Paul Price, Carl Nyberg, David Soderman, George Johnson, Patrick McCauley, Dale Minnick, Morton McGeary, Jack Willis, Anthony Valencic, Harold Hillman, and Lawrence Lauzon.