Prep volleyball; Broncos ante up, whip Rockets 3-1

HARRIS – Rapid River head coach Lisa Kanyuh knew what her team was up against Thursday night as they took the court against Bark River-Harris, but it didn’t matter as the Broncos won the match 3-1 (29-27, 25-17, 18-25, 25-18).

“We practice it, we knew what type of team they are, they keep the ball in play, they never lay down and roll over,” Kanyuh said. You could tell that by the first game.”

In that first set, the Broncos kept the ball in play long enough to claw their way back from a 19-7 deficit and capture a 29-27 win.

“Bark River kept the ball in play,” Kanyuh said. “It didn’t matter if they hit it with one arm, two arms, spiked it, tipped it, sent it deep, served it, or hit it with a headband. The ball came back over the net and forced us to make all the errors. They kept the ball in play, they do a really good job of keeping the ball in play.”

After snagging the first game, BR-H took the second set 25-17, before dropping the third set 25-18. Then they closed the night out with a 25-18 win.

“It was a battle all night, especially that first set,” said Broncos head coach John Jorasz. “We ended up going 29-27 and neither one of us wanted to give it up. It seemed like they lost their momentum after that first set which helped us out in the second (set) and we took advantage of that.”

Kanyuh said battling a deficit is something the Rockets have had to deal with all season, but that doesn’t make it any easier.

“Whoever wins the first game automatically sets up with your high or low for your second game and I would rather be the team that won the first game, so we didn’t have to dig ourselves out of that hole and have it a must win situation,” she said.

Rapid River kept their night alive in the third set, taking advantage of the Broncos errors around the net. They weren’t able to capitalize in the fourth set however as BR-H grabbed the lead and never reliqunished it.

“They always want to play well against us and they always do,” Kanyuh said. “I think they’ve beat us now the past two years. They beat us on our court and then we end up beating them on our court. We know what to expect but it’s hard to prepare for.”

Bark River-Harris was lead by Mallory Petersen who recorded four kills, three blocks, two assists and two aces. Cassidy Getzloff added three aces and four kills, while Emily Johnson contributed two assists, two kills and one block. Abbie Anziano also added two kills for the Broncos.

Rapid River was paced by Erin Anderson’s eight kills. Josie Miller chipped in seven kills, while Erika Schwartz added 10 assists.

Rapid River is back in action on Saturday as they travel downstate to play at the Pentwater Invitational. Bark River-Harris takes the court on Tuesday against Superior Central.