Problems with wind farm


We would like to have our opinion heard regarding the Garden wind farm. Heritage claims that there are not any complaints pertaining to the wind turbines. Well, we have a turbine located approximately 800 feet from our property line, and another 1,400 feet away. We have to hear and see these turbines from both sides of our house.

They are very loud. When the turbine is pointed toward the house, it sounds like a dryer with a pair of shoes in it. When the turbine is pointed away from us, it sounds like a 747 preparing to land, but never does. The turbines are so loud, that you can hear them over the TV., and that is with our windows closed. It is much worse in the summer with our windows open. Heritage said that they would sound like a dishwasher. They couldn’t be more wrong. When they start or stop, it sounds like somebody is shooting a cannon. When they turn to change directions, they sound like ungreased hinges. Our family is being woke up at night from the noise that these turbines make. Our grandchildren have to get up for school after losing sleep due to these turbines.

The view of our landscape is terrible. We can’t enjoy our yard anymore. Some of us are being called “pond scum” because of how we feel regarding the wind turbines. There are two sides to every story, and our side deserves to be heard too. There is about 80 other people that have signed their names with complaints pertaining to the wind turbines. These names have been turned in to the Garden Heritage Office.

We have lived here for 25 years, and loved what we had here. Heritage has taken that from us. Heritage thinks that they can pay you for land, and you will go away and keep your mouth shut. Well, that is okay for some, but my husband has lived here all his life. There is not enough money to buy us out, or shut up.

We have tried to contact TV-6 to tell them our side of the story, but no one has returned our calls.

Denise Ansell