Broncos rebound, ax Rockets

RAPID RIVER – It didn’t take long for Bark River-Harris to shake off Tuesday night’s losses at North Central, as they got back on track with a 3-1 (25-21, 18-25, 25-20, 25-14) win over Rapid River on Thursday.

“We’ve had spurts where I’ve seen my team play better then this but it hasn’t been the entire night,” said Broncos head coach John Jorasz. “They’re capable of even better, it’s just being able to pull it all together when the time comes.”

One of those decisive spurts came in the fourth set as the Broncos trailed 3-2. Senior Savanna Stenberg put together an 11 point service run that gave Bark River-Harris a 13-3 cushion.

“We were down when she went out there and she just started out on a streak and I seriously lost track of where she started and where we ended up,” Jorasz said. “She just got us right back into that game and gave us a nice lead with that serving streak. That one really got the team pumped and fighting even more.”

The Rockets took the second game 25-18, and held a 19-15 lead in the third set, as it appeared momentum was switching sides. After scoring on a net error, the Broncos took possession and CreeAnn Stenberg went on an eight point service run that gave BR-H a 24-19 lead.

Rapid River scored once more, but wasn’t able to recover from the run.

Head coach Lisa Kanyuh said her team can’t afford to lose focus.

“My team feels that they can relax after we get certain points and this year we don’t have that luxury,” she said. “We know that every team that plays against us is a contender and we have to push hard for every single point; and we don’t. We have a tendency just to let up. They took the game right away from us.

“I just don’t see the passion or desire, the eye of the tiger, the killer instinct. I don’t see it,” Kanyuh added.

After losing twice on Tuesday, Jorasz didn’t think his team came ready to play. That wasn’t the case on Thursday however.

“I’m very pleased with how they played,” Jorasz said. “They really came to play tonight. They seemed to work out our issues from our last encounter with North Central and Carney, and we were able to actually play some volleyball tonight and finish it out. It’s definitely going to boost our self-esteem and confidence up for our next match on Monday against Big Bay.”

Bark River-Harris improves to 4-5 in the Central U.P. Conference and 4-7 overall while the Rockets drop to 2-7.

Kanyuh shuffled a few of her players’ positions on the floor and liked what she saw but noted that the team is going to make bigger adjustments going forward.

“We’ve got to go back to the drawing board and reconsider everything we’re doing because it’s just not working for us,” Kanyuh said. “There’s a lot of good things that came about it and that I like, but we don’t keep it consistent game after game after game.”

Rapid River is back in play on Saturday as they take part in the NMU tournament in Marquette. Bark River-Harris hosts Big Bay De Noc on Monday.

In jayvee play, Bark River-Harris won 2-0 (25-15, 25-21).