Wind turbines cause problems

“Regarding the wind turbines: We moved from Escanaba to a rural area in the thumb of Michigan. Little did we know that the plan was to install hundreds of wind turbine throughout the area.

They are noisy – I wake up every morning hearing a high whine.

Have any of you read the article from the Montana press where its been reported that 80 golden eagle and 73 bald eagles have been killed in three years due to the velocity of the turbines? This is a fact.

The federal government forbids killing an eagle, yet they encourage the killers – the turbines that create a vortex much like a whirlpool that draws the birds in.

We haven’t seen any monarch butterflies this year; whereas, in years gone by there were many seen throughout the thumb. No more.

The farmers here are all being paid big bucks for Obama’s energy savers. The farmers are getting richer.

The Danes got rid of their turbines because after several years it was proven they didn’t do a bit of anything.

Janice Langley

Harbor Beach, Mich.